release date:

25 I 1954


93 min

directed by:

Leonard Buczkowski

written by:

Ludwik Starski

director of photography:

Seweryn Kruszyński, Franciszek Fuchs


Lidia Korsakówna [Hanka Ruczajówna], Tadeusz Schmidt [Janek Szarliński], Adam Mikołajewski [foreman Leon Ciepielewski], Tadeusz Kondrat [Władysław Dobrzyniec, a plummer], Barbara Bieńkowska [Basia, a mason woman], Wanda Bojarska [Katarzyna, Ciepielewski’s wife], Janina Draczewska [woman in Złocień], Antonina Górecka [diretor of the company], Barbara Rachwalska [majster Aniela Rębaczowa], Joanna Walter [Zosia Bonecka, a mason woman], Zofia Wilczyńska [Natalka, a mason woman], Edmund Biernacki [a construction site watchman], Lucjan Dytrych [a representative of the National Council of Warsaw], Edward Dziewoński [a tour guide in Warsaw], Michał Gazda [mason, a friend of Janek’s]

edited by:

Krystyna Tunis

music by:

Czesław Aniołkiewicz

production design:

Roman Mann

produced by:

Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych, Łódź

executive producer:

Ludwik Hager

About the film

A comedy with the qualities of a documentary recording the enthusiasm that accompanied the rebuilding of Warsaw, but sprinkled with propaganda. The first Polish colour feature film.

A music group from Złocień goes on a trip to Warsaw. Hanka Ruczajówna, the soloist, embarks alone on a tour of a capital that is being rebuilt. In the evening, at  Mariensztat, she meets Janek. They fall in love at first sight, and the girl cannot get him out of her mind after returning to her home village. In the springtime, she arrives in Warsaw, learns masonry, and tries to find the boy. Finally, she sees him on a poster. Despite the difficulties caused by foreman Ciepielewski, who does not accept a woman with a trowel, with the help of her beloved she finds employment in his brigade, and later - in a team of female bricklayers working on the reconstruction of the palace. Poorly connected water causes flooding in the renovated building only a few hours before its grand opening. But all ends well. Hanka and Janek can enjoy their love and youth.

Jan Słodowski, Leksykon polskich filmów fabularnych, Warszawa 1996