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The educational project called ‘Polish Film Academy’ is a two-year course of the history of Polish cinema. Each semester covers 24 screenings, 12-14 lectures of eminent film studies experts from all over Poland and auteur meetings with artists.

In Łódź the Polish Film Academy has been adapted for foreigners as most of the films are shown with English subtitles and the lectures online are translated into English.

The course allows you to experience an extraordinary adventure through many exciting works of Polish cinema. During four semesters students are able to see the striking beginnings of Polish cinema, witness the achievements of the Polish film school, the films of the "little stabilisation" period and the cinema of moral anxiety and, last but not least, the works of the artists of the last decades. The films are presented and discussed by the most outstanding Polish film specialists from all over Poland − including Professor Tadeusz Lubelski, Professor Tadeusz Szczepański, Professor Ewelina Nurczyńska-Fidelska and Piotr Marecki, PhD.

The University of Łódź recognises the Polish Film Academy courses as optional in its curriculum. Students of this school can also complete each semester with a grade from the Polish Film Academy. The course concludes with an exam.




Lectures and scenes from the films

  • Polish Cinema 1919-1929, prof. Tadeusz Lubelski
  • Polish Cinema 1945-1954, prof. Tadeusz Lubelski